[BUILT][CAF] HALOGEN OS FOR Micromax Canvas Fire 2 [6.0.1][MT6582]

Android, Reimagined.
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!! Please Note it Guys, There is Always Potential Risk While Flashing ROM in Any Device.So You Have to do it at Your Own Risk And Think about it twice Before doing. !!

I Am NOT Responsible If You Done Any Damage To Your Device While Flashing ROM !
If There Is Any Problem Happen I Will Try My Best To Solve It 

halogenOS Checklist
Although no data should be lost or damaged by the flashing process,
we advise you to follow the following steps.

This is a ROM that is currently in an beta state.

But i am not shore about vpn and 2g to 3g switch

Remember that in the worst case scenario things can go wrong,
this factors the fact that ROM has been fully stable and meets our
most complete expectations thus far.

Please do some research if you have any concerns about this ROM before flashing it!

If you want to report bugs or request features, use our great Mantis Bug Tracker for that! In that way we are able to quickly fix bugs and add features. You can use the XDA feature request/bug report tool if you prefer that.

XOS is a new generation cutting-edge OS for Android based on Code Aurora Forum releases.

What is XOS?

halogenOS, also known as XOS is a new Android ROM which ships with the global aim to
become a modular ROM which keeps as high as potentially possible operating
performance on your mobile device while still maintaining a sufficient feature
base of nice, small and minimal features that would not be available via any
external feature base, extension, mod or plugin.

We hope you have a truly halogenified experience!

Internals of XOS

At core, the ROM is composed mainly of components from CodeAuroraForums (CAF),
minor components of AOSP-CAF, featuring only extremely minor set of components
from CyanogenMod (CM) which have been added to source in order to allow for 
better cross-device compatibility.

Our LOVE to others

A huge thanks goes to those behind the CodeAuroraForums (CAF), the developers
behind the AOSP-CAF project and the CyanogenMod organisation and all of its
contributors for the sources used in the development of the base ROM which we
started with inclusive of all the work and dedication their team puts in order to
keep us updated on the awesome contributions that they make.

We will be keen on ensuring that we be up to date with the code from our base sources,

with regular ROM updates hopefully coming from time to time.

Please do not ask for ETA's (else you shall be spooked by Mr Skeltal). Almost all of us are

students, and with the current lifestyles and routines we have, it is not that easy to acquire
time to develop the ROM, though we'll be sure to keep you updated and release OTAs as
soon as they are available and ready for publication. If you want to be really updated quick,
then join us on Telegram: http://bit.ly/halogenOSTgram

Visit our website for features such as: Downloads, Information etc.

(Not finished yet)


ROM Download Link

Rom:- Micromax Canvas Fire 2

Gapps:-  Download

Patch:- SD Card Default 

Root:- Supersu

Music:- Googleplay

Please follow installation instructions below

ROM Sources
All sources incl. ROM, Kernel, Trees @ halogenOS GitHub Organisation.

And everyone else who contributed and everyone who was a help for us!
Ferhung- MT6582 GOD
Fire855- MT6592 GOD
Sergey Kochetoff- For GPS fix
Minh Quoc and Karim Gahgad- For video rec Fix
Aniruddha Adhikary- For USSD Fix
Varun Chitre
Kishan- For building it for Holly
Ako Si Ken - For Testing and fixing bugs
Team HRP- Kishan,Suhail,Hemant,Krishna,Ismail,Aboothair,Omar

- Port the ROM for your device using the porting guide below
- Flash the ROM
- Flash GAPPS directly after flashing the ROM
Sdcard Patch
- Reboot

- Enjoy

Gagan Agrawal

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