ColorOs 2.1.5i

Color is everything to us. It shapes us, molds us, and makes us who we are. ColorOS was designed to bring that same sense of excitement and warmth to the smartphone world. An OS that combines speed, efficiency and stability to bring pixels to life.

Features :

Simple, Elegant Iconography
Designed with practicality firmly in mind, ColorOS' icons are sleek, intuitive and instantly recognizable. Tap and get on with it.

Single Layer Launcher

With one single layer we are able to achieve a level of unrivaled customization that provides flexibility and ease-of-use.

Theme Store

Customization without the fences. Jump in and make a statement.

An Effortless Experience
Community Ideas Brought to Life
Efficient Management
With ColorOS, we wanted to design a UX that would wipe the slate of sloppy and overloaded platforms, and introduce seamless integration and customization with a simple structure.
Exclusive Space
From the first Alpha to our most recent update, every single step we take in developing ColorOS, is in tandem with our honest and loyal online community.

Screen-on Gestures
Screen-on Gestures are that added level of excitment you have been looking for in your UX. With some simple gestures you can control your music player, activate the camera and much more.

Communication gets an Upgrade
We’ve come a long way since the cup and string, but we haven't forgotten about the fundamentals of communication and with our all new suite of call and messaging tools its easier than ever to stay connected.

Credits :

  • ColorOs Team
  • Mohamed Ismail (HRP Porter)
  • Team HRP
  • Actully lost the link from where we got the rom .so if anyone knows inform us, we will credit you :)
Download Link : Click Here
Fix : Touch Fix 


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