How to Use Multiple Accounts in Android [Requires Rooted mobile]



  1. Rooted Android device. (What is Rooting? How to Root?)
  2. Titanium Backup (Play Store Link) (Drive Link)
  3. Lucky Patcher (Download)
  4. Whatsapp if you don't have already (Play Store Link)

Step 1:

       You need Titanium Backup Pro for this method. You can either buy this from play store or you can use this simple hack to get Pro for free.
  • Install and Open Lucky Patcher and Grant Root Permission
  • Select Titanium Backup and Click 'Open Menu of Patches'
Select Open Menu of Patches
Select Custom Patch
Select First Option
Click Apply
  • Now Launch the Application. 

Steps to create Multiple Profiles for Whatsapp

  • Open Titanium Backup and Grant Root Permissions

Click on tap to switch profile
Create a new data profile
Give any name here. I'm giving Profile 1
Activate "Profile 1"

On Bakup/Restore tab long pess on Whatsapp
Enable multiple profiles for this app
Click Yes
  • After this, open whatsapp with your first phone number (If you installed whatsapp freshly. Else skip this step)
  • Now create second profile 

Give any name. I'm giving Profile 2
Activate "Profile 2"

  • Now Open Whtasapp and configure it with another number

    Now, you can switch over to profiles and can use multiple whatsapp accounts in your android device. But in this method, only one account can be active at a time. i.e., you can't get messages in one profile when you are currently active in another profile. But switching over profiles is easy in this method and you can add more than 10 profiles thus you can use more than 10 Whatsapp accounts in a single android device.
  We can also use this method to create different accounts for all apps like Facebook, Hike, Messenger and all games also.
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