HydroFAP V2.0 BETA

HydroFAP V2.0 BETA For Fire 2


1.  Always give CREDITS to us!

2.  The rom is already rooted so  DO NOT ROOT IT AGAIN!

3. There is a flashable DSB fix for Unsupported devices below, Do not flash it if your device is already DSB supported!

4. The Bugs that we know is already stated in Changelogs section so don't complain if your camera is not connected or no phone storage! Blame your porter!

5. The rom has no GAPPS so click the link of GAPPS below and select the GAPPS you want

      1. New UI Theme
      2. Fixed Camera force close in Notif Toggle
      3. Fixed Recents Landscape Mode
      4. Fixed Dialer App
      5. Fixed SystemUI force close in Mms button
      6. Added Ram Meter and Info Toggle
      7. Added Audio Wizard Toggle
      8. Added Battery Info Toggle
      9. Added Statusbar Carrier Label and Logo
      10. Added HeadsUp Notification
      11. Added System, ListView, Scrolling and Toast Animations
      12. Added New Mms App
      13. Added M Platlogo
      HydroFAP for MMX Canvas Fire 2

      Ported by

      Gagan Agrawal For MMX Canvas Fire 2
      Members of Team Heaven
      ·         Credits:
      Roms :
      • Pure Asus Zenfone 2 Stock Rom
      • Asus ZenUI(Jay-Al BC) Rom
      • Paranoid Android Rom
      • PacMan Rom
      • MokeeOS Rom
      • ChurOS Rom
      • AmberN RBuild
      • PussyFAP Rom
      • StayOS Rom
      • AllivOS Rom
      • Lollifox Rom
      Individuals :
      • Jay-Al BC
      • Frank James Hermosilla Lopez
      • Bang Bagger™
      • Tenten Ponce
      • Deuge Angger
      • Gurpreet Singh
      • Adi
      • Jerry Klisman
      • Mak Ye and Ganks
      • Octo O
      • Vanya Melnechenko
      • MaxDev AOKP
      • Sergay Margaritov(Color Picker)
      • Felimon Villas
      • Rommel Villasor
      • Romeo Roguer
      • Wane Cañon
      • Verner Voughn
      • Ivan Jade Ramos
      • Raj Shekhar
      • Dull (Muhammad Abdul Sobur)
      Groups/Pages/Blogs :
      • Material Android Development Team™
      • Paraniod Android Team™
      • Maximum Dev/Port Team™
      • Fly-On Mod Developers™
      • AllivOS Developers™
      • StayOS Developers™
      • Mediatek Arts Android and Devs Reborn™(MAAaDR)
      • XDA Developers™
      • CyanogenMod™"

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