[Patch] AC3 audio Fotmat Not Supported in MXPlayer

[Patch] AC3 audio Fotmat Not Supported in MXPlayer

MXplayer is the most popular video player for android.

But now a days when we update our MXplayer to v1.7.32+
It won't supports AC3 Audio format.

So here i comes with it's solution:-

Wht u need:-
1)MXplayer.apk(Download from anywhere).
2)Custom codec patch:- Download From here
3)File manager.

1)Download MXplayer(Don't open it; If u r using it the clear its data) & Codec patch from above link.

2)Move the "neon.1.7.32.rev1.zip" to the root of your sd card(Means don't put it in any folder).

3)Now open MXplayer.

4)A popup comes tap "OK".

5)MXplayer will restart.

6)Hurray... Now u can enjoy all the movies.....

Note:- This is only for ARM V7 Devices......

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