All Custom Rom in one placee

All Custom Rom in one place

Here is the all roms links for Fire2..

If Guys  wanted our offical link  
*** Stock:- Here / Patch(Harshnil walde)

1:-Dark L:-
V1.2:-Here.(Himanshu balayan,umang leekha).

V1.4:-Here.(Himanshu balayan,umang leekha).
V1.4 to V1.5:-Here.(Gagan agrawal,umang leekha).

V1.6:-Here.(Raj shekhar,umang leekha).

2:-Doggee Kitkat:-Here.(Himanshu balayan)
     Doggee OS(MIUI based):-XDA.(Sipun Ku Mahanta,Ako Si Ken,Ranjeet ).

3:-Vibe UI:-

    V1.5:-Here.(Himanshu balayan).

4:-Hive rom:-Here.(Shikhar jain).

5:-Material +:-Here./ Patch.(Daud shah khan).

    Material KK:- Here  (Harshnil walde)

     Material v4:-XDA.(Sipun ku mahanta,jeff rivera).

6:-Droid Evolution:-Here.(Ratnesh kumar).

V3:-Here.(Himanshu balayan,umang leekha).

V4:- XDA.(Sipun ku mahanta,umang leekha).

V4.1:-Here.(Gagan agrawal,umang leekha).

8:-Xperia Angle:-Here.(Tanmoy mazumder,All time hitz).

    V1:-Here.(Ranjeet gupta,ajay c jambure).



    V6:-Here.(Ranjeet Gupta).

    V9:-Here.(Raj sekhar).

   V10:-Here.(Gagan agrawal)

   V11:-  Here.(Taran shadija).

10:-Lewa OS:-Here./ Patch .(Daud shah khan,Saginesh sagi).

       V6:-Here.(Raj shekhar,Ratnesh kumar).

11:-MERE Rom:-Here.(Ranjeet gupta,Wesley D cruz).


       V5:-Here./ Patch .(Tanmoy mazumder,Daud shah khan,Rodel fernandiz).
      V7.1.2 :- Blog (Anand)

        v7.2.3:- Blog(Anand)
          v8:- Blog [Gagan]
          v8.0.3.0:- Blog [Anand]     

13:-Xperia Z2:-Here.(Tanmoy mazumder).

14:-Yun OS:-Here.(Daud shah khan,saginesh sagi).
              V3:-Here(Saginesh Sagi)

15:-Note 3:-Here.(Tanmoy mazumder,Rodel fernandiz).

16:-Note 4:- Needrom(Tanmoy mazumder,Rodel fernandiz).

17:-Popkat v2:-Here.(Ratnesh kumar,Edrik E manangkil).

18:-Freeme OS:-Needrom.(Tanmoy mazumder).

19:-Iocean:-Here./ Patch .(Imran mahmood).

20:-Amigo UI:-Here.(Tanmoy mazumder).

21:-Xtreme OS:-

  V1:- Here .(Ratnesh kumar)

  V7:-Here.(Raj shekhar).

  V8:-Here.(Vishwa gohil).

  V9:-Here.(Gagan agrawal).

22:-Touch OS:-

  V1:-Here.(Ranjeet gupta).

  V2:-XDA.(Raj shekhar,sandeep pradhan).

23:-LG G3:-Here.(Daud shah khan).

24:-EMUI :-

V2.3:-Here.(Erop,Tanmoy mazumder).

V3:-Needrom./ Patch .(Ratnesh kumar).

25:-Galaxy S4:-Here.(Raj shekhar).

26:-L UI:-Here.(Raj shekhar,Arun negi).

27:-Lexer UI:-Here.(Raj shekhar,Ravi sharma).

28:-Elephone Ui:-Here.(Raj shekhar).

29:-Cyanite ultra:-Here./ Patch .(Imran mahmood,sipun ku mahanta).

30:-Cool UI:-

      V6:-Here.(Ratnesh kumar).

31:-Baidu OS:-Here.(Ratnesh kumar).

32:-Dark UI:-Here.(Aahan kureshi).

33:-Lead UI:-Here.(Anjan bose).

34:-Kaat UI:-Here.(Aahan kureshi).

35:-Xperia E4:-XDA.(Raj shekhar).


     V4:-Here.(Dinesh swift).

     V5:-Here.(Vishwa gohil).

37:-Fluid AOSP:-Here./ Update .(Imran mahmood,Ocoot).

38:-Vionic L:-XDA.(Raj shekhar,vibhor chaudhury).

39:-Colour OS(find 7):-Here.(Erop).

        V2.0.1i:-Here./ Patch ./ Dolby .(Anjan bose).

        V2.1.5i:-Here. [Gagan]

40:-CM 11(beta 2):-Here./ Patch .(DSK,Ratnesh,Erop,vivek,Moonrotaition).

41:-Symphony explorer:-Here.(Anjan bose).


    V1:- XDA .(Raj shekhar)

    V2:-XDA.(Raj shekhar,Arun negi).

43:-Pussyfab V2.5:-XDA(Raj shekhar).

           V3:-FB(Anup Sen,Pussyfab Team).

           V4:- Here(Sipun & Team pussy).

44:-Pure material L:-Here.(Aahan,raj,sipun,Ajay).

45:-SU Droid:-Here.(Pushparaju karthik,Yeasir arafat).

      V3:- Rom/Patch(Gagan Agrawal).

46:-Pacman:-Here.(Vishwa gohil,vivek,moonrotation).
       CM 12.1 Pacman:-Here.(Vishwa,abhinav,moonrotation).

47:-Comfort rom:-Here.(Anup sen,Aahan kureshi).

48:-Carbon rom:-Here.(Vishwa gohil).

49:-Galaxy S6(Single):-Here.(Ratnesh kumar).

50:-Lolifox ALPHA:-Here(Ratnesh kumar).

               V1.3:-XDA.(Sipun Ku Mahanta).
             V1.5:-Drive(Nikhil Bhise)
              v1.6:-  Drive (Gagan)

51:-CM 12:-Here.(Abhinav gupta,moon rotation).

52:-Axer KK:-Here.(Gagan agrawal).

53:-HTC 820 G+:-Here.(Anup sen). 

54:-AOSP:-(Gagan agrawal).

 V1:-Here./ Root . 
 V2:-Here./ Root . 
 V3:-Here./ Root . 

55:-MXperia :-Needrom.(Gagan agrawal).

56:-CM 12.1:-Here.(Abhinav gupta,Moonrotation).

               Beta 3:-FB(Abhinav ,Alexcool).

57:-Xperia Z3:-Here.(Dhinesh duker,Virender kumar).

58:-Hitam UI:-Here./ Root .(Gagan agrawal,Ajay C Jambure). 

59:-Charcoal Rom:-Here./ Root .(Gagan agrawal). 

60:-Windows 8:-Here.(Gagan agrawal,Fadil01587). 

61:-Iphone 4S:-Here.(Gagan agrawal)

62:-Bloomkat:-Here.(Sipun ku mahanta,Gagan agrawal).

63:-Lenovo S860:-Here.(Aditya makad,Sipun ku mahanta).

64:-Mystic OS(All):-XDA.(Raj shekhar & Team Mystic).

65:-Flame OS:-XDA.(Sipun ku mahanta).

66:-CR Droid(CM 12.1):-Here.(Abhinav Gupta,Arun sharma).

67:-IOS 8:-XDA.(Sipun Ku Mahanta,Arun Sharma). 

68:-Asus Zen UI:-XDA.(Anjan bose).

69:- Stay OS:-XDA.(Sipun Ku Mahanta,Sai Charan)

             V2:- Drive  (Abhinav gupta & Stay OS).

              v3:- Blog (Sipun)

70:-Blisspop:-Here.(Abhinav Gupta)

          V3.75:-Drive(Anup Sen,Abhinav Gupta).

71:-Stock UI Reborn:-
     V3:-XDA(Sipun ku mahanta ,Ajay C Jambure).

    V4:-Drive(Anup sen,Ajay C Jambure).

    V5:-Drive(Nikhil Bhise &Ajay C Jambure)

    V6:-XDA(Sipun Ku Mahanta & Ajay C Jambure).

    Firmware edition:- Here (Harshnil & Ajay)

72:-Hydrogen OS:-Userscloud(Ranjeet Gupta).

73:-Oct OS(CM 12.1):-FB(Anup sen,Ricky Adhitya)

74:- Lenovo A5000:-Blog.(Ranjeet gupta).

75:- Hola UI:- Mega (Ranjeet gupta). link remove

76:- Inspired 6:- Drive(Anup sen & gagan agrawal).

77:- MaterioMIX:-Drive(Anup sen & Afzal Husaain).
           v3  Blog (Gagan)

78:- Telefunken Vision:- Drive(Darpan Zope).

79:-Swift UI:-XDA(Sipun & Ajay)

80:- CM 12.1 Rohan build:-Rom/Patch(Rohan,Abhinav&Anup). 

81:- HTC 1:- Here(Nikhil Bhise & Maximum team).

82:-Dan OS :- Here(Sipun ku mahanta & Dan ).

83:- Thinker OS(V 2):-Here(Gagan agrawal).

84:- Superior OS(All):- XDA.

85:- Candy 5:-Here/Cam Patch(Nikhil Bhise).

86:- Pixelized V1:- Here(Gagan).

87:-MaxAOSP:-Here(Nikhil Bhise).

88:- CM 12.1Final:- Rom  / Patch   /  (Abhinav ,Sagi)

89:- CM 12.1 By Harshnil:-Dropbox 

90:- CM 12.1 Rohan Final By Abhi :-Drive  Link removed

91:- Dark Mystic(All):-XDA(Raj)

92:- CM 12.1 Stable:-XDA(Harshnil Walde).

93:- Lame UI:- Drive (Gagan agrawal).

94:- BatDroid:- Blog  (Gagan)

95:- Firestorm :-  Mega (Pushparaju karthik) 

96:- Landrover:- Drive (Gagan)

97:- Kat Cat :- Drive (Gagan)

98:-  Gama os :- Drive  (Gagan)

99:-  Hydrofap:-  Blog (Nikhil)

        v2:- Blog (Gagan)

100:-Tesla OS :-  Here(Nikhil)

111:- Note 5 :- Blog (Anand)

112:-  Prestigo kk :- Blog (Gagan)

113:- Asus ZenFone 2 UI :- Blog[Gagan]

114:-  Evolution N :- Blog [Gagan]

115 :- Microkat :- Blog[Gagan]

Stable Cyanogen & Layer Rom


Teamsek:- Here  
 Mokee:- Here 
 Resurrection Remix :-  Harshnil / Anand  / Harshil  / Anand
 Decepticon OS V2:- Here
 ADPT OS V1:- Here
 Minimal OS:- Here Touch Fix For SW8.1
 CARBON 12.1:- Here
 Dirty Unicorn:-Blog
Slim Pure:-Blog
ACIP:- v10 /v11
 Oct os:-  Here
 Blisspop:-  Here
 Zero Os :- Blog
Brocken Os :- Blog
Tipsy os :-Blog
Aokp:- Blog
Candysix:- Blog
cardinal-Aosp :- Blog
simple-Aosp :- Blog
Flex os v2 :- Blog
zephyr os :- Blog
CM Remix :- Blog
zeus os:- Blog
Chroma :- Blog 
Hexagon 1.2 :- Blog
BeanStalk-6.0 :- Blog
Xpreience r72 :- Blog
CyanogenMod 13 Snapshort - Blog

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